In Conversation with: Yelena Shin

In Conversation with: Yelena Shin

What are your responsibilities as an Account Management Trainee at Zenith?

I support my team and our clients across the entire area of media consulting and planning. The best thing about the traineeship is the versatility of my tasks, as I learn something new every week. One day I'll be responsible for the media mix analysis of our competitors, the next for approving the new campaign previews.

Why did you decide to start as a trainee in the media industry?

Media is something that already existed - one way or another - in ancient times and is still evolving. From then to the present age of digitalization, there have been groundbreaking progressions and yet there will always be further room for improvement. Which is why I see the media industry as a platform for constant evolvement and professional development.

What requirements did you have to meet to get started as a trainee?

In addition to my hard skills (relevant studies, internships & experience, analytical skills...), there were soft skills required such as flexibility, teamwork and communication skills. I found this to be a positive sign, also in regard to future work collaboration. And of course, a keen interest in the media industry is an important requirement for a traineeship! :)

How do you remember the application process?

The process didn’t take too long, and my contact person was easy to reach by phone and email. The interview itself was very pleasant and had a relaxed atmosphere. Since it wasn't just about the traineeship and media per se, we were also able to make a few jokes and share a laugh.

Describe Zenith in three words.

Dynamic, high-performing, reliable.