In Conversation with: Katja Reis

In Conversation with: Katja Reis

Would you introduce yourself briefly in three sentences? Who are you and what do you do at Publicis?

Hello, I'm Katja Reis, COO of Publicis Media in Germany. Together with our CEO Olivier Korte, I manage Publicis Media and all its agencies and departments. In my job, and in the cooperation with our employees and clients, the appreciation of each individual person is my personal top priority.

How did your career at Publicis start?

I started my career in one of our agencies. After successfully completing an assessment center, I joined Zenith as a trainee in client consulting. I still remember the exciting start-up period and my first clients. These were Campina, Swatch and then Toyota for a long time. Since then, I've been constantly able to develop myself at and with Publicis Media.

What fascinates you most about our industry?

I think the constant change and movement is great. Always being at the forefront of new trends and technologies. I also hope my job helps me keep up with what my children are doing in our digital world for a very long time ;-)

What’s so special about Publicis Media in your opinion?

We're very open with each other, there is an exchange between all departments - both within Publicis Media and within the entire Publicis Groupe. Our team spirit is really special and one of the main reasons why I have always stayed here. After all, what sets Publicis Media apart are above all the people who work with us.

What advice would you have for young talents?

It's important to bring a healthy mix of respect, curiosity and courage to the job. Always keep in mind that each person could have a different perspective on the same topic. It's worth including these. Always remain open to new points of view.