In Conversation with: Frank-Peter Lortz

In Conversation with: Frank-Peter Lortz

Would you introduce yourself briefly in three sentences? Who are you and what do you do at Publicis?

I am the CEO of Publicis Groupe DACH. This means that I am responsible for all Publicis Group agencies in the DACH region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland), whether media agency, PR agency, creative or digital agency.

How did your career at Publicis start?

A very long time ago. Sometime in the 90s, as a trainee in our media department. Back then, there were still so-called full-service agencies, in which all divisions ran under one roof and one brand. Later, there was a trend toward specialized agencies and therefore a division of the business. The industry is currently in the process of bringing these specialized agencies closer together again. With our "Power of One" concept, Publicis Groupe are clearly further ahead than all our competitors.

What fascinates you most about our industry?

The constant change, the speed, the teamwork, the proximity, the internationality, the collegiality, the parties....

What’s so special about Publicis Groupe in your opinion?

That we are a global company with European roots. That long-term thinking and continuity aren't just empty words for us. Why? Because there have only been 3 global bosses at Publicis Groupe in more than 95 years of existence. We are truly unique with our "Power of One" concept and can therefore provide completely different perspectives to both our clients and our employees.

What advice would you have for young talents?

You can quickly climb the career ladder in an agency due to flat hierarchies and the agency’s need to evolve. My advice: Always keep going, network well, recognize opportunities early and be willing to take responsibility. That way you can achieve a lot very quickly.