In Conversation with: Emma Sophie Dolzmann

In Conversation with: Emma Sophie Dolzmann

What are your responsibilities as a trainee at Publicis Media?

It depends on which team and in which department I am currently working. Us Trainees regularly rotate through the different departments, so that we can get to know as much as possible of the media business and put theory (from school) into practice. Right now, I am with the “AdWorx” team, in which we are responsible for special ads. I work in project management, keeping track of every part of a job. I am the contact person for the marketer/account as well as the client and stay in close contact with all project participants via e-mail as well as in calls and meetings. My responsibility also includes the development of calculations and reports.

Why did you decide to start your training in the media industry?

I have always been interested in advertising. What appealed to me most was the liveliness and modern feel of the media industry. Since I was a child, media has continued to gain importance in the world - and for me personally as well, which is why I wanted to gain insight and get an understanding of how media works.

What was the biggest surprise after you started your training?

The diversity! I was surprised by how many people and departments it takes in order for advertising to be planned and implemented. There are many hubs (expert teams) in an agency, all working closely together to make a campaign work. I found that super exciting right from the start.

Describe Publicis Media in three words.

Lively, communicative, open.

What’s your advice for future applicants?

Always remain curious and open to all topics related to media and marketing. Our industry is dynamic, and change is always part of it. You should definitely enjoy working with people, because communication (in all directions) is a very important aspect of the job. Team spirit also plays a very important role in the agency world. Even if there is a lot to do, you are never on your own. This also applies to after work, as there are many "get togethers", lunch meetings etc., so you should feel comfortable spending time with people.