In Conversation with: Daniela Schneider

In Conversation with: Daniela Schneider

What are your tasks as a TV Planning trainee at Publicis Media?

The responsibilities of a TV planner are complex and very broad. Since I'm still relatively new to the job, I'm currently supporting the team mainly in their day-to-day business to get to know all processes and workflows. However, I already manage purchasing approvals, the creation of GRP reports (campaign information on weekly TV reach vs Plan) as well as the preparation of spotlists for the accounting team independently.

Why did you choose a specialized traineeship in TV planning?

I was in fact originally interested in a digital media traineeship but was then informed about a vacant trainee position in Publicis Media’s TV planning team. After learning more about the topic, I got increasingly interested in TV advertising and everything that’s behind. TV is still by far the largest medium, and I find dealing with such a far-reaching media channel extremely exciting when it comes to planning.

What has been your greatest success in this job so far?

The trust of my colleagues. TV planners speak their own language - not English or French - but technical abbreviations and specialist terms. This confused me quite a bit at the beginning, but I was included in team meetings right from the start and learned everything "on the job". The fact that I was always able to take over tasks independently and actively support the team, despite these initial ‘translation difficulties’, is something I consider a great sign of trust and success. And I’m learning more and more every week.

Describe your colleagues in the TV department in three words?

Helpful, straightforward and reliable.

Which benefits do you find particularly great at Publicis Media?

Publicis Media is a large, global agency and has a lot to offer. For example, I find it very convenient that our modern office is accessible for us every day. This means working from home is not a must, as there is always a desk available. There is also the possibility to work abroad for up to 6 weeks a year. I definitely want to make use of this in the future and discover other locations around the world.